Special Session

Celebration of 20 years of NSF Workshops for High School Teachers of Math and Science

Dr. Bozenna Pasik-Duncan

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This Special Session focuses on reflections and perspectives on the expected outcomes of the First Outreach Workshop and on 21 years of the Control Outreach Program sponsored by AACC and co-sponsored by IEEE CSS and IFAC. Past, current and future expected outcomes of control outreach activities will be discussed with keynote speakers and participants.  

The first control outreach workshop was organized by the NSF for High School teachers of Mathematics and Science and it was as equal to the NSF/CSS Workshop on New Directions in Control Engineering Education that was held at the Coordinated Science Laboratory, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, October 2-3, 1998. The purpose of the workshop was to enhance the cooperation among various control groups and high school teachers of Math and Science throughout the United States and the world, to give attention to control and systems ideas and technology, and to increase the general awareness of the importance of control and systems technology and its cross-disciplinary nature among high school teachers and students: http://ksacg.faculty.ku.edu/ksacg/nsf_hswkshop.html The outcomes of the first workshop were expected to be of global interest and applicability. It was expected to make high school teachers of math and science aware of the importance of the control systems technology in the day-to-day lives of people everywhere.


Sponsor: IEEE, CSS and AACC

Organizer: Bozenna Pasik-Duncan and Daniel Abramovitch


Date & Time