FAQ and Participant/Presenter/Chair Info

  • The time zone for all activities is Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) which is UTC -4.
  • Technical programs (Plenary, Rapid Interactive (RI), Paper presentation, and Tutorial sessions) access is through the PaperPlaza Virtual Conference Platform (VCP), accessible from the conference website with username/password sent to you on the email reminder on 5/23.  Once in the VCP, use your PaperPlaza PIN/Password to access session webinars or to post comments on papers. 
  • Tutorial for spatial.chat: https://help.spatial.chat/hc/en-us/articles/360019120259-Basics-of-SpatialChat
  • Information for nominating papers for the O. Hugo Schuck award: https://a2c2.org/awards/o-hugo-schuck-best-paper-award
  • The conference proceedings/preprints will be available for download from the Virtual Conference Platform starting Tuesday May 

Downloading Paper Proceedings from VCP

There are two ways to download the proceedings from the VCP. In either case, begin from the VCP website: https://events.paperhost.net/conferences/conferences/ACC21/proceedings/vc  

  1. If you wish to download the entire proceedings, click on the tab on the top named "Information" and then the option "Download Proceedings". It takes you to the website https://events.paperhost.net/conferences/conferences/ACC21/proceedings/vc/details/content/download-proceedings which has instructions on how to download the entire proceedings.
  2. Alternatively, if you wish to download a more targeted selection, click on the tab on the top named "Search PDFs". It takes you to https://events.paperhost.net/conferences/conferences/ACC21/proceedings/vc/details/content/search-media You can search for particular keywords there and obtain the corresponding papers, that you will be able to download.


The RI sessions are:  TuA01-TuA02, WeA01-WeA02, ThA01-ThA02, FrA01-FrA02

The RI sessions will take place in spatial.chat.    

Tutorials on how to use spatial.chat can be found here:  https://help.spatial.chat/hc/en-us/articles/360019120259-Basics-of-SpatialChat

Each RI session of 20 papers is split into four rooms in spatial.chat: 

  • DdA0X.1-5: papers 1-5
  • DdA0X.6-10: papers 6-10
  • DdA0X.11-15: papers 11-15 
  • DdA0X.16-20: papers 16-20  

where Dd is one of Tu/We/Th/Fr, and X is either 1 or 2 for the appropriate session.  

The links for each room are shown in the sidebar in spatial.chat, and the rooms for a given day will appear at the top of the menu on the day they are active.

Within each room is a copy of the compilation of all the videos for that session playing in order.  The compilation will play twice and can also be found in the 2021 ACC YouTube channel here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpImkWi5c6_ZhOf1r71o6PA.  The videos will be available to view starting the first day of the technical portion of the conference, May 25.

Please locate your bubble on or near the green circles near each poster.  The green circles have been located to minimize audio interference from the other poster conversations.  


  • Please go the room for your poster during the associated session. 
  • Move your bubble on or near the green circles near your poster.  

Session Chairs/Co-Chairs/Hosts  

  1. Please join spatial.chat at least 10 minutes before the start of the session to which you are assigned (basically right after the plenary).
  2. Hosts:  10:15am:  Go to each of the four rooms for your session, and make sure that the video feed is playing from the beginning.
  3. Hosts:  11:15am:  Go to each of the four rooms for your session, and make sure that the video feed is restarted to play from the beginning.
  4. Chairs/Co-chairs:  Decide between yourselves which two rooms of the four in each session you will have responsibility for. 
  5. Chairs/Co-chairs:  At the start of the session, introduce yourself to each of the presenters and check if they have any questions.
  6. Chairs/Co-chairs:  Visit with each of the presenters and talk to them about their work.  
  7. Chairs/Co-chairs:  Decide if you think they should be nominated for the O.Hugo Schuck award:  https://a2c2.org/awards/o-hugo-schuck-best-paper-award
  8. All:  Monitor the chat in each room for any issues, questions, concerns.


The traditional format sessions are:  TuA03-TuA23, WeA03-WeA23, ThA03-ThA23, FrA03-FrA23

Traditional format sessions will be operated via clickmeeting links embedded in the PaperPlaza program.  

A student volunteer host will start each video running at the assigned time in the program.  The student host is able to assist with technology needs during the session.

Questions and responses can take place via chat while the presentation plays.  

When the video finishes playing, the presenter will be able to answer questions live.


  • Please go to the room for your presentation at the start of the session and be present for the full time.  
  • Answer questions over chat while your video is playing.  
  • When the video is over, you will be able to answer questions live.

Session chairs/co-chairs 

  • Before the session starts, determine who will be the moderator for each of the eight papers in the session.  
  • During the presentation of papers, facilitate the answering of questions in chat by the presenter.
  • After each video finishes, facilitate the live conversation.  
  • Encourage participants to consider the papers for the O. Hugo Schuck award.
  • Please assess the work of each paper for whether it would be suitable for the O. Hugo Schuck award:  https://a2c2.org/awards/o-hugo-schuck-best-paper-award