Traditional Format Sessions

The traditional format sessions are: TuA03-TuA23, WeA03-WeA23, ThA03-ThA23, FrA03-FrA23

Traditional format sessions will be operated via clickmeeting links embedded in the PaperPlaza program. 

A student volunteer host will start each video running at the assigned time in the program. The student host is able to assist with technology needs during the session.

Questions and responses can take place via chat while the presentation plays. 

When the video finishes playing, the presenter will be able to answer questions live.


  • Please go to the room for your presentation at the start of the session and be present for the full time.
  • Answer questions over chat while your video is playing.
  • When the video is over, you will be able to answer questions live.

Session chairs/co-chairs

  • Before the session starts, determine who will be the moderator for each of the eight papers in the session.
  • During the presentation of papers, facilitate the answering of questions in chat by the presenter.
  • After each video finishes, facilitate the live conversation.
  • Encourage participants to consider the papers for the O. Hugo Schuck award.
  • Please assess the work of each paper for whether it would be suitable for the O. Hugo Schuck award: